Who We Are

Our story began on a rainy, monsoon evening in Mumbai over endless cups of tea, way back in 1981. Two engineering graduates from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi were envisioning the future of Information Technology training and founded a company that is now considered the crucible of Indian's IT revolution. By imparting Information Technology education to non-technical graduates, NIIT revolutionized the technology landscape in India, and now; globaly.

Our Features and Services


We have been present in Nigeria for over 20 years. During this period of time we have trained thousand of students across Nigeria and the world at large. Students are able to perform very well in whichever company the find themselves.

Online classes

The classes conducted online on NIIT digital are live sessions. Internet connectivity, web cam and mic enabled headphones ensures the communication is two way, where the learner can pose questions to the faculty and the faculty can address them in real time.

Get Certificate

This platform also provides placement assistance to all students. Students who complete the entire Game Development course online also acquire a certificate at the end of the course, Globally recognized certification.

Expert Trainers

With dedicated master trainers for competence management, we upskill and certify the trainers pool to ensure 100% trainer cross-skilling and utilization as well as a pedagogical relationship with their students.

Great Result

There's no one willing to learn that leaves NIIT the same way they came. And also, upon completion of a programme, the the individual is awarded a certificate.


NIIT boasts of quality training and students learn in a very condusive environment; High quality services, customer satisfaction, reliability, innovation, professionalism define our firm.

Our Courses


Dive into Java programming with our dynamic course. From basics to advanced concepts, learn object-oriented programming, data structures, GUI development, and more. Gain practical skills for developing robust applications and expand your career opportunities in the ever-evolving tech industry.

Mobile App Development

Program focuses on application level APLs and imparts skills to develop users and data-centric mobile app and utilities on the android platform. Skills in android app development, working with graphics, multi media, conectivity and location-based services. Learn to debug, deploy and test mobile application.


A generic qualification in database technology can be a good foundtation for a career, but less likely to appeal to employers than certification from one of the big suppliers. Each stage in the progression from junior to advanced certification involves training and examination fees that can total thousands of pounds. IBM's DB2 is the cheapest and simplest of the market leaders.

Management Information System

The Management Information Skills enables learners with complete hands-on skills for Microsoft Office and MIS functions, within the organization and how it needs to be projected to the senior management. Earning a Master of Science in Management Information Systems can put professionals on the right part to become CIO's, Information System Managers, IT directors and more.


Office 2013 is a suite of eleven applications, though some editions do not include all of them; These are: Access, Excel, InfoPath, OneNote, Outlook, PowerPoint, Project, Lync, Publisher, Visio and Word. All have been reworked with a Metro-style user interface. LEarning OFFICE 2013 will give you a complete knlowedge of basic and advance Microsoft office.

Big Data

As more and more data is available to businesses, they require professionals with the skills to break it down: demand for big data staff is continuing to grow by up to 29% per annum (TechTarget 2019). Throughout our Online MBA with Data Analytics, you’ll gain an understanding of the entire life cycle of big data: capturing, organising, analysing, drawing conclusions and taking strategic action to gain leverage or a competitive advantage..

Data Analytics

Research shows that data cleaning and preparation accounts for around 80% of the work of data professionals. This makes it perhaps the key skill for anyone serious about getting a job in data.Commonly, a data analyst will need to retrieve data from one or more sources and prepare the data so it is ready for numerical and categorical analysis. Data cleaning also involves handling missing and inconsistent data that may affect your analysis.


A generic qualification in database technology can be a good foundation for a career, but less likely to appeal to employers than certification from one of the big suppliers. Each stage in the progression from junior to advanced certification involves training and examination fees that can total thousands of pounds. IBM's DB2 certification is cheapest and simplest of the market leaders.


Achieving CCNA certification is the first step in preparing for a career in IT technologies. To earn CCNA certification, you pass one exam that covers a broad range of fundamentals for IT careers, based on the latest networking technologies, software development skills, and job roles. CCNA gives you the foundation you need to take your career in any direction.

Microsoft system engineering

Embark on a journey into Microsoft System Engineering through our comprehensive course. Explore key concepts including network infrastructure, server administration, Active Directory management, and cloud integration. Develop the skills needed to design, implement, and maintain robust IT systems, empowering organizations to thrive in the digital era.

Hardware and Networking

This is a course on how to install, upgrade, repair, configure, optimize, troubleshooting, and perform preventive, maintainance on basic PC hardware and OS. Also will help identifying and describing all the major networking technologies, systems, skills and tools used in modern PC-based computer networks.

Web Design

The web design course focuses on creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites. Students learn HTML, CSS, and design principles to craft responsive and engaging interfaces. Topics include typography, color theory, and UI/UX design concepts. With hands-on projects, students apply their skills to create professional-grade websites. Graduates emerge with a strong understanding of web design fundamentals, ready for careers as web designers in various industries.

Web Dev

The web development course equips students with front-end and back-end skills to create dynamic websites and applications. Topics include HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and server-side programming languages like PHP or MySql. Students learn database integration, version control, and deployment strategies for real-world projects. Through hands-on experience and projects, they build a portfolio demonstrating proficiency in web development. Graduates are prepared for careers as web developers, equipped with essential skills for the digital age.

Graphic Design

The graphic design course covers fundamental principles and software skills essential for creating impactful designs. Students learn typography, color theory, layout, and Adobe software proficiency. Topics include branding, logo design, and UI design for diverse career paths. Through projects and critiques, students refine skills and build portfolios. Upon completion, students are equipped for careers in advertising, design studios, or freelancing with expertise in visual communication and digital design tools.

Program Management

This program builds on your IT foundations to help you take your career to the next level. It’s designed to teach you how to program with Python and how to use Python to automate common system administration tasks. You'll also learn to use Git and GitHub, troubleshoot and debug complex problems, and apply automation at scale by using configuration management and the Cloud.

Digital Marketing

LDigital marketing allows you to compete with your competition by exposing you to a wider audience on a much smaller advertising budget. Digital marketing actually allows smaller businesses the ability to hold a top-ranking position. When managed effectively, it gives businesses laser-focused control over where and how they spend their money. When you have this kind of control and the data to support decisions, you make smarter ones.


Our ITIL tech course encompasses a comprehensive exploration of IT service management principles, including service strategy, design, transition, operation, and continual service improvement. Participants will delve into vital topics such as service desk management, change management, incident response, and effective implementation of the ITIL framework for optimized organizational performance.