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As technology, customer services and education models continue to evolve, customer education organizations need to find sustainable ways to improve customer adoption and grow education services revenue. At NIIT, we provide means and courses as our portfolio of customer education services helps technology companies elevate customer success and learner experience while improving margins and profitability even as technology continues to transform.

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In the I.T INDUSTRY, the program covers concepts of Core Java programming setting a foundation for other editions of the programming language. It trains learners to design application software for both deskiop and server envirionments using Java. The programme can be taken up for School learners for curriculum support or by college learning of Engineering subjects for thorough understanding of Java skills or prparing for jobs and Java developer.
Managing Information System
The Management Information Skills enables learners with complete hands-on skills for Microsoft Office and MIS functions, within the organization and how it needs to be projected to the senior management. Earning a Master of Science in Management Information Systems can put professionals on the right part to become CIO's, Information System Managers, IT directors and more.
Mobile App Development on Android
Program focuses on application level APLs and imparts skills to develop users and data-centric mobile app and utilities on the android platform. Skills in android app development, working with graphics, multi media, conectivity and location-based services. Learn to debug, deploy and test mobile application.
Grapic Design skills are a hot commodity for creative workers wnho enjoy using the right side of their brain. Sure, grapgic design jobs are stimmulating and fun, but they are also potentially lucrative. Top performers earn almost $37 per hour, according to the Monster data. In addition, graphic designers who climb their way to the position of art director- the person who is responsible for the visual style and images in the magazines, newspapers, product packaging, moviesand TV shows- make a median salary of more than $83,000 per year.
Research shows that data cleaning and preperation accounts for around 80% of the work of data professionals. This makes it perhaps the key skill for anyone serious about getting a job in data. Commonly a data analyst will need to retieve data from one or more sources and prepare the data so it is ready for the numerical and categorical analysis. Data cleaning also involves handling missing and inconsistent data that may affect your analysis.
As more and more data is available to businesses, they require professionals with the skill to break it down: Demand for big data staff is continuing to grow by up to 29% per annum (Tech Target 2019). Throughout our online MBA with data analytics. You will gain an understanding of the entire life cycle of big data:
Capturing, organising, analysing, drawing conclusion and taking strategic actions to gain leverage or a competitive advantage...
Acheiving CCNA certification si the first step for preparing for a career in IT technologies. To earn CCNA certification, you pass one exam that covers a broad rangge of fundamentals for IT careers, based on the latest networking technologies, software development skills and job roles. CCNA gives you the foundation you need to take your career in any direction.
Digital Marketing
Digital marketing allows you to compete with your competitions by exposing you to wider audience on a much smaller advertising budget. Digital marketing actually allows smaller businesses the ability to hold a top-ranking position. When managed effectively. it gives businesses a laser-focused control over where and how they spend their money. When you have this kind of control and data to support decisions, you make smarter ones.
ITIL is a set of practices that imparts pratical and strategic ITSM guidiance. (The latest version is ITIL 4) ITIL is used as a guide to help groups improve the value of their services by focusing on co-creating business values and solving business issues, rather than just improving IT capabilities. Image result for ABOUT ITIL As a service management framework, the overall goal of ITIL is to improve service management and optimize values for your customers and your organization.
Microsoft Certified System Engineer
Microsoft Certified System Certificatopn Program also known as MCSE is one among the popular certifications offered by Microsoft under the Microsoft Certifies Professional Certificaton. Microsoft Certified System Engineer program is a 2 - 5months certification level Information Technology course. While pursuing the course, candidates will be introduced to the following areas regaerdong Mircrosoft Windows operating system related desktop system, networking and Microsoft office served products.
This is a course on how to install, upgrade, repair, configure, optimize, troubleshooting and perform preventive, maintainance on basic PC hardware and OS. Also, will help identifying and describing all the major networking technologies, systems, skills and tools used in mordern PC-based computer networks.
Project Management
This program builds on your IT foundations to help you take your career to the next level. It's designed to teach you how to program with python and how to use python to automate common system administration tasks. You'll also learn to use Git and GitHub, troubleshoot, debug complex problems and aply automation at scale by using configuration management and the Cloud.
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