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A pioneer in Skills and Talent Development since 1981, provides diverse learning solutions worldwide. With expertise in corporate, institutional, and individual training across 40+ countries, NIIT offers innovative learning management systems. Its three global divisions cater to Corporate Learning, Skills and Career Development, and School Education, fostering limitless tech exploration.

We Have The Best Instructors Available in The City

We use a unique method of teaching: LACC - Learning Architecture Based on Constructive Criticism. Our teachings are classroom based and instructor led. Our instructors are certified in their various fields, they are friendly and always willing to help and mentor students through their career path.

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What Our Students Say About Us?

A few words from our students and team...

Attending NIIT was a game changer! The hands-on approach and knowledgeable instructors made learning enjoyable. In just 6 months, I gained invaluable skills that I know will propell my career in tech. I highly recommend it!


Emmanuella .N.F David Briggs


During my time at NIIT, I had the priviledge of learning from knowledgeable tutors who enriched my skill set. Additionally, I forged valuable connections that furtheer enhanced my abilities in IT. NIIT provided an environment conducive to growth and networking, which greatly benefited my professional development.


Mgbah Michael


NIIT exceeded my expectations. The instructors were not only experts in the feild but also incredibly supportive. The small class sizes fostered a collaborative learning environmnt. I feel confident and well-prepared for my future in tech.


Ezeakor Kamsie


Choosing NIIT is the best decision I made in my career. The curriculum was comprehensive, covering the latest indusrty trends, Thanks to their career services I know I'm in for a joy ride. Thank you NIIT!


Abidoye Emmanuel


I can't thank NIIT enough for the tranformative experience! From coding bootcamps to project-based learning. Every aspect of the program was tailored to industry needs. The alumni network is sttrong, providing endlesss opportunities for growth


Chita Ezechi


NIIT's commitment to student's success is unparalled. The supportive faculty and career advisors guided me every step of the way. Through their industry connections and job placement assistance I'm sure to get a lot more busy in due time.


Duru Favour


Celebrating my time at NIIT! the dynamic course work and access to cutting-edge recources honed my tech prowess. Grateful for the personalized atteention from mentors, which accelerated my learning journey. Proud to say, ready to tackle any challenge!


Bright Macleans


NIIT IS A WELL-KNOWN ESTABLISHMENT, the quality in education the offer is top-tier, the ability for them to teach a course effectively within a limited timespan is incredible and I can say if you put your mind to it you'll leave full of knowledge.


Ide Alexius


It was a really good time for me, I learned a whole lot. The tutors are really good at their jobs and the environment is really friendly and conducive.


Wereloo Justice


I have done three courses within the space of four years, and I must say, it's an amazing instituion that gives the neccessary boost to start your career. It has a really friendly learning environment. You get to meet and learn alongside people from different spheres in life: different ages, race and so on. An amazing place indeed.


Esther Briggs


NIIT offers a robust educational platform for aspiring tech professionals. While dedication to courses is essential, it's important to understand that success, like that of Elon Musk, requires more than just a three-month commitment. However, these courses serve as a solid starting point on your path to achieving your goals in the tech industry.


Frank Addo


I took the web design and web development course at NIIT for 6 months. I am very glad I made this decision, it's a huge boost to my skill-set.


Enyineh Hills

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We'd like to introduce the head of our faculty, an accomplished professional in their field with a wealth of experience and knowledge. Their leadership and expertise ensure that our team is well-equipped to provide the highest quality service to our clients.

Precious Ogulu Tom

Operations Manager/ Centre Head NIITph

Welcome to the world of Information Technology (IT) and digital skills, where early adoption yields lifelong dividends. Youthful energy, if properly harnessed, drives innovation and societal progress. However, unemployment poses a significant challenge, leading some youths into crime and other vices. Investing in youth through ICT education and employment opportunities is crucial for national development. NIIT-Port Harcourt stands as a beacon, offering training and pathways to success in the ICT sector. With a focus on entrepreneurship and professional development, NIIT empowers youths to actualize their potential and contribute meaningfully to society. Join us on this transformative journey towards a brighter future. Contact us for more information.

Ibigbari Eretoru

Chief Counsellor/ Centre Head NIITph

"I've worked at NIIT for over a decade, working with customers and conflict resolution with clients ensuring that they are satisfied has been my utmost priority. So basically, I'm into training and consultancy. We have what it takes to help you build a career in IT, for you to start your journey here.

We have trained tutors that certify in their various fields. They'll help you and guide you- They will mentor you. When they(we) see opportuntities , we refer students, lead them so they(you) can be their(your) best."


Meet our diverse faculty team dedicated to empowering students through innovative teaching methods and cutting-edge technologies on campus.


Data Analysis Faculty

Jesse Joseph

Multimedia Faculty




Java Faculty

Mercy Ben

Logic Faculty


Microsoft Package(MIS) Faculty

Wisdom Kings

Web Design/Development Faculty

Victoria Ama-boms